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HR Outsourcing

Drake offers HR solutions for every stage in the employee lifecycle. From attraction, retention, development and finally to separation, the Drake suite of talent management solutions is able to assist you in improving your productivity and performance levels, and therefore the profitability of your business.

Drake HR Outsourcing will take over your HR Function entirely allowing you to focus on improving your competitive advantage through your core business offerings.

Rather than deal with time consuming government agencies or costly legal councils, a simple phone call could save you thousands of dollars in unfair dismissal or poorly managed workers compensation claims.

Some of our clients do this find much more cost effective compared to hiring an extra headcount.


How is it Done?

Drake will provide on- and offsite support to clients’ full HR spectrum and customised HR function. We split our HR Outsourcing Solution into two service lines: HR Administration and HR Projects.

HR Administration refers to continuance of HR day-to-day operational activities while HR Projects are ad-hoc tasks initiated by Clients such as engagement surveys, trainings and performance management.

Your subscription would include:

  • Five days per week of telephone or e-mail HR consultation
  • Flexible payment options - pay monthly or annually
  • Exclusive discounted pricing for HR Projects - your subscription gives you full access to our entire suite of talent management solutions at a reduced rate


What is the Payoff?

Drake's HR Oursourcing Solution provides practical and commercially sound advice on all aspects of talent management issues, big or small.

Your business will gain access to a highly qualified and experienced team of HR
consultants, who can provide valuable information on any Human Resources issue.

How can Drake's HR Outsourcing Solution Help you?

  • Liability - Avoid personal and corporate legal issues by obtaining a second opinion.
  • Time - Free up your time to focus on your company's main business goals.
  • Cost - On-going support without the full-time wage; HR Outsourcing is financially cheaper than hiring a Specialist.
  • Flexibility - HR Help Line provides remote access, as well as tailored solutions to your individual issues.
  • Expertise - Access to HR experts for advice, consultation, and implementation of best practices.

Contact the Drake Solutions team at hrsolutions@sg.drakeintl.com to find out more.