Our Recruitment Process

12 steps to selection success

Sourcing top talent is not a matter of good luck. It’s a matter of consistently applying an effective hiring process.


Step 1. Evaluate your needs Create a job specification and evaluate your working environment

Step 2. Job profileFormulate a detailed job description

Step 3. Top performer profileUncover the skills, knowledge, and behaviours of successful individuals in similar roles within your organization


Step 4. Candidate sourcingSource candidates through our internal national and global talent pools, traditional media, social media, networking, and our specialist referral network

Step 5. ScreenPre-qualify candidates to develop a shortlist of top performers


Step 6. Interview

Develop behavioural interview questions to distinguish top performers from counterfeit candidates

Step 7. Assess skillsValidate the candidate’s background with ability, aptitude, and occupational skills testing, in addition to desktop applications testing (if required)


Step 8. Drake P3® assessment
Conduct a personality assessment of the candidates to understand their personal strengths, leadership style, decision-making style, energy level, motivational needs and stress levels


Step 9. Reference and background checksVerify employment history and background, including criminal and credit checks

Step 10. Final shortlist of candidatesPresentation of our top performer candidates and consultation on final selection


Step 11. Offer negotiationAssist with offer presentation and negotiation

Step 12. After placement serviceProvide assistance and advice by monitoring new employee’s progress during trial period, boosting performance and aiding in retention