Executive Search

Sourcing top talent is not a matter of good luck. It’s a matter of consistently applying an effective hiring process.

Our Executive Search service partners with clients to identify and attract leaders and executive level candidates to determine job, culture and company fit.

We build a refined shortlist for our clients to consider. Put simply, we have developed a robust process and a comprehensive network to identify the right-fit to our client's culture which will add value to the organisation.

We have a team of specialists who deeply understanding their industry specialism because they are a part of it. Our culture aligns our clients, and our depth, expertise and experience enhances every search.

Our Specialism include:


Legal In-House


Legal Private Practice 


Compliance & Risk


Evaluate your needs


Candidate sourcing





Sales & Marketing 



Information Technology


Security & Cyber


Department Heads




Drake P3



Business Support


Administration and Professional Support