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Dysfunctional Teams

Do your employees work together in effective teams?

Everyone is in favour of teamwork, but good teams don't happen by chance. Dysfunctional teams can be a significant disruption to the workplace, contribute to low morale, decrease productivity, and create frustration for other team members. Even modest improvements in team effectiveness create a solid case for investing in the right solutions.


  • P3: Utilize this proprietary behavioural and personality profiling solution to generate manager-to-staff and team communication reports that allow your team members to gain a better of understanding of how to interact and communicate with each other
  • Top Performer Profiling: Identify the behaviours, knowledge, skills and abilities of your top performers, and replicate the results to build a team of top performers
  • Recruitment: Work with an industry expert to hire right the first time by finding the best job and cultural fit for your organization  
  • Team Building: Get your team on track by applying proven methods of goal setting, assessment, and training
  • Engagement Surveys: Improve employee loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement by uncovering what your employees are saying about their work and your company
  • Leadership Development: Investing in personalized coaching, team coaching, and team building workshops based on the results of our P3 assessments will help your leaders create more effective and better performing teams