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Splash Consulting Group

Splash Group Consulting


Splash Consulting Group is Australasia's leading communications and customer relationship consultancy specialising in SheMarketing™; The Science of Marketing to Women. Where we differ is that we place the consumer and their life at the heart of our campaign design and communications strategy rather than media or creative, to attract, retain and maximise brand loyalty.


SheMarketing™; The Science of Marketing to Women is a blueprint for attracting, retaining and maximising a loyal female customer base. This methodology is designed to be inclusive of both men and women. In many cases a SheMarketing-driven strategy can increase the loyalty of both your male and female segments.


We work with organisations that want to gain a competitive advantage and increase their share of the world's fastest growing consumer market segment. We have the flexibility to address your market and objectives, with a keen focus on the business results you would like to achieve.


The SheMarketingSome of the services we offer are; research and insights, brand and communications strategy, creative development, customer engagement and loyalty programs, digital and social media. We also offer workshops on Demystifying Social Media and tailored brand audits.


Powerful insights feed ideas creation, brand strategy and communications strategy. Campaigns built from insights drive competitive advantage and growth. The added value of knowing your customer ensures true customer engagement leading to loyalty. Do your customers experience communications at all 'touchpoints' of your organisation?



Splash understands women and knows how to bring them to your brand and keep them there. For more information about how we can help solve your marketing issues and work with you to maximise your sales potential visit splashgroup.com.au or contact us at info@splashgroup.com.au

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