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Workforce Analytics

Business Process Outsourcing

How do you turn your data into insights to drive real profit?

Drake Dashboards can transform your data into real meaning – empowering anyone, anywhere, in any organization to create engaging, interactive dashboards that let you see the big picture more clearly.

This cloud-based solution (SaaS) is fully interactive and is customized for each organization or HR department taking into account your data sources, business metrics, KPIs and departmental goals.

Companies may create dashboards to display such metrics as: human resource utilization, employee productivity, benefit expenses, staff absenteeism cost, recruitment activity, payroll information, compensation claims and more.

Here are just some of the features of Drake Dashboards:

  • Secured Login - Users must login to view the set of dashboards assigned to their user profile
  • Data-Sources - Excel spreadsheets are loaded to a hosted server from which charts and dashboards are created
  • Live Drilldown - Users can click on a data point to drilldown to more details in other charts, dashboards and perform root-cause analysis
  • Interactive Intelligence - Allows multiple charts on a dashboard to dynamically interact with each other as the user hovers their mouse over various data points
  • Personalized Dashboards - Drake Workforce Analytics provides immense flexibility for customizing your dashboards
  • Analytics - The ability to apply calculations on real-time data feeds using user-specified input parameters, and create any number of what-if scenarios that can deliver extremely powerful insight

What is the End Result?

Using Drake Dashboards, you will: 

  • Become more effective in addressing your human capital challenges
  • Align your HR strategy with your overall business objectives
  • Make faster and effective decisions
  • Gain higher ROI on your human capital investment
  • Improve engagement
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce turnover
  • Gain a competitive advantage

How is it Done?

Do you have too much data, and aren’t sure how it should be measured or presented?

Drake will assist you to create your dashboards and show you how to use and interpret them to create opportunities for measureable business improvement.

Dashboards can be configured in a variety of ways such as: presentation charts, tables, 3D views, geographic maps, metric tickers, animated speedometers, thermometers, and other customized data displays. It’s easy to present your business results over a period of 12-months or provide a comparison of current year vs. last-year (Refer to photo).

HR Analytics

What is the Payoff?

Data overload is too big of a problem to be ignored. Even with a tough economy, companies are investing to improve their information visibility so that problems or opportunities are not overlooked.

Drake Dashboards will help reduce the amount of time spent gathering and analyzing data allowing you to focus on your business and HR strategy.

You will then see immediate payback on your investment through quick implementation, high user adoption and a rapid learning curve.

For a LIVE DEMO please email hrsolutions@sg.drakeintl.com or call (65) 6645 4550